The Closing ceremony of Intermediate Professional: Course2009-2011

09:19:00  15/01/2015

On September 6th, 2011, Construction Technical College No 1 - CTC1 held formality the Closing ceremony of Intermediate Professional: course 2009-2011. Attending the ceremony had Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu - Rector of CTC1 and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuc - Vice Rector of CTC1, leader of Offices, Faculties with 699 students of Civil Engineering, Accounting, ConstructionAccounting , Water Supply and Sewerage & Environment course 2009 - 2011

After two years of trying, learning and practicing, through their seriously exams, today, the newengineers in the course from 2009 to 2011 has been in College to look back on those years,received success which they has achieved.

Master Pham Xuan Article - Secretary of Party Committee, Rector of CTC1 had speech to close the course.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Xuan Dieu - Secretary of Party Committee, Rector of CTC1, congratulated all the newly graduated students, Mr Dieu wished all student were soonrecruited into the companies, agencies and units where can take the knowledge learned under the our College - the labor hero institution well apply to the assigned work. The school hopes toregularly receive the suggestions of students in the process of direct contact with the work ofindustry to programs of the College can meet realistic better. Master Pham Xuan Dieu wantedstudents achieve good results in their study, have conditions will continue to learn to improve theknowledge to the College or University, also emphasizing the importance of continuing to attendprofessional training courses such as: Performance of work construction execution supervision,Performance of work construction investment project management, Performance of construction valuation so they have enough knowledge to participate in later real career . 


Le Van Tiep student - Secretary of 61X10 class, student representative spoke at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Le Van Tiep student - Secretary of 61X10 class, student representative promised to try their best, with the knowledge have been learned to work wellworthy students of the College - The labor hero institution. 

 The teachers in Rector Board awarded gift and certificates of merit to students who achieving outstanding results in learning

Master Pham Xuan Article - Secretary of Party Committee, Rector of CTC1awarded Diploma tograduated students

Mr Pham Quoc Hoan - Vice Rector of CTC1 awarded Diplomas to graduated students

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Thuc Vice Rector of CTC1 awarded Diplomas to graduated students